inter_linked: All About Robots

In inter_linked, the androids are the stars of the show but they’re not like the ones you’ve seen before in fiction!

Fast Learners

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The androids of inter_linked aren’t hard-programmed and made with specific rules or Laws like in Assimovian fiction.

Instead, they are tested extensively to learn from human behaviors and develop stronger reasoning.

In the real world, this is a concept called “Machine Learning”, which is currently being studied and nowhere near the intelligence level of a fully-functioning android. (they can play Atari, though!)

Mirror, Mirror

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When machines learn from humans, however, it means that sometimes they pick up behaviors or ideas from us that don’t exactly make sense to them.

In one chapter in the second half of the story, an android hurts himself and Anny treats him with a bandage – even though some glue and duct tape would do fine. The android sees the bandage as a symbol of healing and caring, even if it isn’t the most practical solution.

Looks Are Everything

blue plastic robot toy

The androids may seem pretty human, right? Well, they sure don’t look it.

There are two major manufacturers of androids so they come in two varieties:

One are shaped like humans, but they’re made entirely out of metal and plastic parts and have bright LED eyes that can display a myriad of different expressions. Many androids Anny and WISR meet along the way look like this.

One are shaped like humans, but they’re made entirely out of metal and plastic parts and have bright LED eyes that can display a myriad of different expressions. Many androids Anny and WISR meet along the way look like this.

The other kind are made with soft and squishy with huggable silicone and lightwight plastics to make them more human-like. But unfortunately, regulations gotta regulate and budgets gonna… budge? So instead of spending the time and effort and money and research figuring how to articulate a face and make it not creepy, they slapped a big ol’ computer monitor on the top and called it a day. Androids like WISR can display tens of emoticon expressions and maybe play Pong if he gets bored.

He also wishes you would not hug him.

Come meet these amazing machines!

inter_linked The Series is the fun, sarcastic story of a girl and her android.

Follow the adventures of Anny and WISR as they try to help every robot they can, while the hardest part of the journey is putting up with each other.

Absolutely free to read:

inter_linked: Characters

inter_linked is full of interesting and unique characters who fill their world with their individual personalities.

Here are some of the main characters in the story:

Anny Lockley

Possibly the worst agent working for SYMM, Synthetic Minds Management, Anny refuses to PAX androids and wipe the negative emotions from their minds. Unfortunately, this has gotten her into trouble with her managers and they gave her one last chance – but she has to work with the bitter and sarcastic robot WISR.

Growing up on a space station wasn’t easy, space was tight and the food was awful which is why her mom left to seek adventure on a faraway moon. With her father busy as Grand Captain of the station and only a few children onboard, she spent a lot of time with the robots instead.


Bitter and sarcastic, WISR was forced to work with Anny – as an android he has no choice and no rights. Understandably, this has left him more than a little displeased and he is constantly butting heads with her when on the job.

While he belongs to Nikolai Wise legally, Nik was not his original owner but it’s not hard to see that they are practically a matched set of sardonic derision.

Nikolae Wise

A Roboticist at SYMM, Nik is cold and blunt – especially to Anny and WISR. Rumor has that the organization was forced to give him the biggest lab space at Headquarters due to his unusual experiments although it’s unknown if that’s true. What is true that no one is sure the last time he actually left the lab and someone was sure they saw a sleeping bag under one of the benches.

Jalissa Jermain

Sweet and bubbly but perhaps a little ditzy, Jalissa is an agent of SYMM and one of Anny’s colleagues – and friend. While she may seem like a bit of an airhead at first, she is also a master hacker who knows computer systems inside and out.

Mirae Culpepper

An agent of SYMM, Mirae is practical and logical and is something of a “mom friend”. She is one of the top agents thanks to her calm and rational personality.

Endon Carroway

Laid back and easygoing, Endon is an agent of SYMM and a knife nut, always practicing new spinning tricks and flips. He’s very proud of his speeder spaceship which can turn into a car.

Ready to meet this cast of crazy characters?

inter_linked The Series is the fun, sarcastic story of a girl and her android.

Follow the adventures of Anny and WISR as they try to help every robot they can, while the hardest part of the journey is putting up with each other.

Absolutely free to read:

In the House of Souls: Characters

In the House of Souls features a cast of fun and diverse characters including a talking doll, a faery noblelady, and living brass contraptions.



Fourteen-year-old Hopper didn’t grow up with many friends so she learned how to make them out of metal and springs and magical soul-stones that brought them to life.

She dreams of becoming the first mortal Royal Artificer in the faery Court of Firelights and is eager to prove herself. She takes a Vow – an unbreakable promise – to the Lady Gradum in exchange for a Favor she plans to use to make her dreams a reality.

But now she must choose between the traditions of her people and her loyalty to her patroness.

Lady Gradum


A minor faery noblewoman sometimes known to her subjects as simply “the Lady”, Gradum is cunning, ruthless, cutting, and wise. She has plans to change the ways of the Tuann to make them more settled down and like the people of the North.



A doll come to life, Hopper buys him at the caravanners’ market not knowing he was secretly a living creature.

Friendly, playful, and curious, Emer seems to hide a number of secrets, however, and will do just about anything to keep them that way.

Mender, Pin, and Tumbler


Magical machines made with complex personality spells called “soul stones”, Mender, Pin, and Tumbler were created by Hopper to help her out. Pin and Tumbler work together to pick locks and only like to be awake at night while Mender helps her get dressed and fixes up her clothing.

Aunt Weaver


Hopper’s beloved aunt, Weaver is in charge of the Clan’s clothing and textiles and tapestries.

She is also well-known for disliking the fae’s meddling into Tuann affairs and doesn’t much care who knows.

Canneral and Cannersai Dannoch



Hopper’s mother and father, they are the heads of Clan Dannoch.

The Canneral, her father, is known for being stern but fair and encourages Hopper’s plans so long as she doesn’t end up in trouble. The Cannersai, her mother, wishes her daughter would give up on these lofty goals and get her heads out of the clouds.

The Characters of Faehunter: Character Playlists

Please note that I am not associated with Spotify in any way, nor the bands mentioned. I was not paid to feature this music, I was not asked to include any songs, they’re just things I liked.

Music can be a powerful tool when it comes to writing, it can instantly whisk you away to a different time, different place, and completely transform your mood.

For my characters in Faehunter, I’ve composed playlists of 10 songs each that really convey their mood and personality. Perhaps when they finally invent the first generation iPod Shuffles in Twinefold (anyone else remember those things?) this is what they would listen to.


Action-packed and pumping hard rock with crunchy guitar notes and relentless rhythm dominate Mara’s playlist.

Pop-punk, riot grrrl, and even electric synth-driven songs make up this playlist composed mostly of female-lead music.


Deaglan’s music is dark and driven, full of late 90s and early 00s alt-rock, songs about pain and mistakes, and moving forward.

“The Moments In Between” by The Reign of Kindo in particular stands out as Deaglan’s aesthetic of organic and electric, anger and sorrow.


Frat boy rock like Sum 41 and The Offspring sit between classic Michael Jackson and Foo Fighters to give a playlist ready for a scrap.

Fast beats and memorable guitar licks rip and ride with the sad and slow “Big Empty” by Stone Temple Pilots on top dedicated to his beloved sister whose ‘dizzy head is concious laden’.


More organic sounds, acoustic guitars, and “traditional” instruments make up the bulk of this playlist, rather fitting for a city twined in the trees and overgrown green.

Indie and hipster mainstays fill out the list with dark and sometimes sweet songs, including a personal favorite, “From the Morning” by Nick Drake.

Air and Darkness

Dark and operatic, haunting and dramatic, the playlist of the Court of Air and Darkness is full of powerful belters and orchestral swells.

Songs about trickery and seduction  pull together this rhapsodic playlist.

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The Characters of Faehunter: Character Handwriting

There is a lot you can tell about someone based on their handwriting. Is it a quick scrawl without a care? Is it a well-thought out script? Do they dot hearts or open circles over the i’s?

You can glean as much information about how they write as the what!

Here is what some of the characters of Faehunter write like:




Much like the quick, slapdash writing of the famed bath-bomb-and-more brand, Mara’s handwriting is a bit masculine in nature, written in all caps and slightly uneven.

Her father writes in a similar way, with random capital and lowercase letters thrown in and he never corrected her when she did the same.


“Anke Calligraphic” – Font Grube AH


Shannon writes with careful precision and even height, always perfectly in line, although sometimes he presses down too hard on the pen.

As a young child he didn’t go out often, with the faery Sight he was too frightened of the things he saw. Instead, he would practice writing over and over again to make it perfect.


“Estrya’s Handwriting” – Jellyka Nerevan


Quick and playful, Deaglan’s handwriting is legible but written very fast, like the words aren’t being put down as fast as he’s thinking.

He also holds his pen in an unusual way, between first and middle fingers!


“Southpaw” – Tyler Finck


Finnian’s handwriting is slanted, uneven, and all over the place – he writes quickly and doesn’t care much about this thing you call “legibility”.

It also doesn’t help that he’s left-handed and holds his pen wrong with his finger wrapped all the way around the pen. Most of the time it’s smudged hopelessly so he doesn’t often bother – or get much practice.


“Better Together” – Misti’s Fonts


Looping, swirly, feminine, and cute, Adalee has the habit of dotting her i’s with hearts – but only if she really likes you. (Shannon has only gotten a note with this once, and that’s after he bought her candy.)

She spent a lot of time practicing and developing this handwriting to make it “just right” and get all the loops perfect.

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