Mara Anu

(mar-uh an-yoo)

Everyone believes Mara is the Faehunter, a legendary warrior that is born into the world only when danger is greatest for mortals. Everyone except Mara. She’d rather think she’s simply a normal woman with the faery Sight who does what she can to keep her city safe.

Fierce and headstrong, Mara does what’s right, no matter what it takes or what others may think.

Shannon Donnelly

(shan-non don-uh-lee)

Mara’s self-proclaimed best friend, he has known her since they were children and learned how to handle their Sight together. He now owns a shop that sells magical equipment and spells, “Enchanting Magical Needs and Spell-Gems”, located right behind the Wayworn Inn where Mara and Adalee live and work.

Adalee Dyre

(ad-uh-lee die-er)

Bubbly and friendly, Adalasia “Adalee” Dyre works with Mara at the Wayworn Inn and while she is much younger than Mara and Shannon both, they are all still good friends. Her grandmother told her many stories and legends about the fae, and while not all of them may be true, Adalee loves to believe in them wholeheartedly.



A strange, charming man who came to Mara’s aid when the Queen of Air and Darkness sent faeries to attack her. He offered her a mysterious dagger of unknown origin and Vowed to help her more when it came to the faery Tithe, a human sacrifice held every seven years by the Court.



A faery reluctantly in the service of the Court of Air and Darkness, Finnian is sarcastic, sharp-witted, and fun-loving. He used to be a brownie, a house spirit that aided a mortal family in secret, but after a mysterious incident where his sister Annwyn (ann-noon) went missing, he Vowed himself to the Court for their help in finding her.