inter_linked: Official Announcement!

Hello, writing friends!

I am so happy to share that I can officially announce my upcoming novel inter_linked, a serialized novel about space, robots, sarcasm, and maybe some friendship between.

As an Agent of the company Synthetic Minds Management – or “SYMM” – Angel “Anny” Lockley is expected to treat androids with psychological irregularities with a hotfix called the PAX that erases all negative emotional data from their minds.

When refusing to do so nearly costs her the job, she’s given a choice: she can fill out her termination paperwork or be partnered with the meanest, most sarcastic robot in the system to save her career.
Despite loathing each other, they both agree to treat robots in need with care and compassion, instead of cruel memory wipes.

They might just save every android they can, if they don’t kill each other first.

The novel will be released in short updates twice a week starting Friday, November 1st on both Wattpad and its own website.

Stay tuned for weekly updates as I get ready to launch, freebies, giveaways, and more!

Last Friday, I first announced the title – be sure to vote in the poll for the book cover!

Go For Launch #1: WE HAVE TITLE

Hello all!

Just as promised in my last life update post, a new update as I get ready to launch my serialized novel. While I was going to call it “The Road to Release”, I realized that wasn’t space-y enough and none of my characters have cars.

The pair of them are basically me at 16. And now. And they also have a spaceship.

After what felt like endless years of soul-searching and random-name-generating, I think I finally came up with a title:


I like it because it’s the connection between humans, robots, and the two main characters as they try to make their way across the stars trying not to kill each other.

I’m also messing around with a few concepts for the cover. Keep in mind that these are VERY rough mockups (even rougher than my draft!)

Word Count (as of Wednesday): 51,912
Chapters Left to Wrap Up: Just One!
Sanity Index: Not Quite Sure What I’ve Gotten Myself Into / 10