Some Updates

Hello, friends and fans!

I’m sure a whole lot of you are wondering where the newest update of inter_linked The Series is!

Well, I’m taking a very quick start-of-the-year hiatus. I had a very sudden death in the family, lost my job, and a bunch of other stuff has come up in very quick succession and I just haven’t had time to catch up with my own life, let alone the fictional lives of these characters.

When will inter_linked The Series be back? I’m not 100% sure – probably March 1st! But I’ll definitely post another update before just to keep you lovely folks in the loop!

In the meantime…

Get caught up on the story thus far!

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See you soon!


New Year, New Adventures

Hello, everyone!

After taking a brief break from the world, I am ready to get going, go do it (whatever ‘it’ may be), and rock out.

Image result for rock out gif

It’s been a year of a lot of ups and downs, but on the whole I think it’s been a net positive, there were a lot of great things that happened to to me, so despite the not-so-great things, I’m looking forward to the future.

Some of the Good Stuff:

  • I finally published my serialized novel inter_linked the Series which has been an amazing and wild ride. I finished the entire manuscript basically within the year and got it up and running about two months ago and I am super excited to be able to share the world of Anny, WISR, and the zany robots they meet with you.
    Big huge special thanks to the spectacular people who have supported me along this madcap journey, especially including: M.T, M.V., W.H., J.K., the lovely and talented R.C., The Artist Currently Known as Plaid, an Other of Significance Who Would Appreciate Not Being Named, and Mom. Dad too!
Image result for thank you gif
I don’t know what this thing is, but man is it adorable!
  • I started a new job working on trains, which has been weird and exciting both! In the past eight months, I’ve learned how to say words like ballast and consist and track alignment like I’m a Person Who Knows Things. Heck, I almost do Know Things! Rad!
Related image
  • I have an Other of Some Significance! They would rather I not go into detail publicly, but we’re celebrating our first anniversary this January and I wouldn’t be where I am today without their love and support. Here’s to another year, love!
Image result for love gif
  • I started taking better care of my mental health. This has been an absolutely crazy journey of self-discovery and I learned so much about myself this year alone. I took some huge tests, tried a bunch of colorful pills (some of them were even prescribed! okay, all of them were, don’t @ me) and I’m learning how to better take care of myself and my brain. It’s been really eye-opening and I’m looking forward to putting all this new knowledge to good use in the coming year.
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Some of the Lame Stuff:

  • Unfortunately, my wonderful (if a little stressful) job in the rail industry came to an end which made me very sad. I am less than happy to leave behind the fantastic people I worked with and the project I adored but hey. That’s the life of contract work.
    If you know anyone in the NYC area looking for a writer, illustrator, photoshop expert, or just cheery and friendly (and highly skilled!) administrative assistant, you know where to find me!
Image result for sadness gif
  • I sort of hibernated this year, turning from a social butterfly back into a flobberworm in my downy duvet nest of Not Being Around People. Which is okay, it means I finished a manuscript in a year and bounced around online writing communities a bunch, which ruled. But I’m starting to miss the outside world again. I hear the new “green” edition is coming out soon!
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2020 Vision

(because I’m the first person ever to make this joke ever aren’t I so clever)

  • inter_linked the Series will return Monday, January 6th! Stay tuned for more sarcasm, more friendship, and best of all MORE ROBOTS!
    Don’t forget that my lovely and wonderful patrons (like W.H. and M.T. whose monetary support has purchased several beers!) get lots of free goodies like exclusive content and reading chapters a day early!
    Feel free to join your fellow fans on our Discord as well!
  • I’ve started a bullet journal! Don’t tell my parents who bought me a bunch of paper already for Decemberween, but I definitely got myself a dotted journal and $50 worth of washi tapes and stickers and I’m trying to get a setup I like going.
    It’s been very overwhelming and I see a lot of ideas I want to try and do (and I might do a flip-through video in a bit to show you my progress!) and it makes my ADHD-addled brain squish in hyperactive bounciness so I spell ‘February’ wrong a lot, but hey. All a part of the journey!
Image result for paper pile gif
  • I’m writing a musical! The title hasn’t come to me yet, but it’s about Nick Drake, a musician from the 70s who died very young and under mysterious circumstances. No clue when it’ll be finished because I’ve never written anything like this before (not seriously anyway) but my goal is to have it shown somewhere publicly by 2021, the 50th anniversary of Nick’s final album, “Pink Moon”.
    I highly recommend his music for rainy days, chilly days, and days where you just want to curl up and feel a little sad.

    Other Projects That Might Be In the Works Maybe:
  • An indie movie about a family who can only express their feelings through music.
  • This idea I had of teaching an AI my writing style by feeding it everything I’ve ever written ever (we’re talking 7th grade awkward fanfiction here) and then getting it to do a full novel manuscript and submitting it around to actual publishers and see if it can get published and then I’ll go on This American Life and be famous for five minutes.

And thank YOU so much, dear reader, for A. Making it this far and B. Sticking with me this year.

May the next one be even better and brighter!

LAUNCH WEEK: Super Secret “inter_linked” PREVIEW

Happy Halloween, everyone! inter_linked launches TOMORROW at 12AM midnight!

But before it’s time to read, I want to share with you a super-secret, mega-amazing, ultra-cool extra-tiny mini sneak peek at the next five chapters!

It’s like a montage… that you can read!

“This is my new partner?” Anny asked, examining her reflection in the switched-off screen, “He looks so… weird. Kinda retro.”

“B-But what if this place really- really is, y’know?

“Well, don’t you worry, Anniekins, I will keep you safe from the ghouls and the ghosties.”

“Never call me that again,” she growled.

“There is no way I’m going to that station!”

“YOU HAVE ARRIVED AT SPACE STATION 8. WELCOME ABOARD THE CONSTELLAR, the computerized voice of Anny’s ship announced as it docked with a loud hiss.

“This is a bad idea,” she complained.

“How is this happening so fast?” Anny shouted as they pelted to the next casino floor.

“I don’t know,” he said before suddenly stopping short, making her collide into his back with a soft ‘oof’, “But now it’s all the way on the other side. He’s not doing them manually any more.”

“They’ll have to shut down the casino at this rate! We have to hurry!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to welcome you to my beloved daughter’s eighth birthday party!”

Hundreds of white-gloved hands clapped but the android could only mutter under her breath, “That was nine years ago, Dad.”

“He’s activated a kill-switch,” he said, “He’s decoupling the last cars of the train.”

Don’t forget to check out the other games and giveaways from earlier this week and I’ll see you tomorrow!

GO FOR LAUNCH #7: MANY ADVENTURES (…and a cover reveal maybe…)

Hello, friends!

You haven’t heard from me for a while, and I’m sure you’re absolutely dying to find out why. Well, I am happy to share:

I’ve been on an adventure in Chicago!

I saw my brother (cool), saw NSP (way cooler)

Pictured: Approximately 8,000 people screaming about unicorn wizards and dinosaur laser fights

and had… pizza?

Image result for chicago pizza
I… don’t… what…?!

There was so much amazing food – most of it topped with nuclear green relish and ‘sport pepper’, whatever that is – the art was wonderful to behold, but the most amazing part was…






Okay, maybe I’m being a bit hyperbolic but look at it, it’s a BEAN.

Literally what else could you want out of life?

Besides an astoundingly huge milkshake with whiskey in it, that is

It was a great trip and was a great time to refresh and recharge and not think about the 50+ e-mails piling up in my Inbox back home.

What it felt like going back into the office on Monday

But as soon as I got back to my home sweet home computer, it was back to work. There were chapters to …edit…? There were Patron-exclusive bonus content to plan, websites to finish, blogs to compose-!

And most importantly, I had art to finish!

Of course, I had a lot of help from my good friend Plaid, who is wonderful and talented and an all around amazing person. When she’s open for commissions again, I highly recommend hitting her up!

Also, another great big shout-out to my first ever Patron, watercolorheart the author and animator of Sparse!

To-Do List: Large Enough to Drown a Small Island
Panic Levels: aaaaAAAAAAA / 12
How Deeply I Miss Chicago Noms Already: DEEP DISH


Well. This week has been an interesting one, and not just because I accidentally worked 10 hours Thursday.

Image result for sleeping at desk gif

Last weekend, I launched my Discord server for my beta readers and friends – comment or contact for deets! – and put my first three chapters out into the universe.
And now I need to edit them.
Hoo boy.

Image result for angry writing gif

So instead, I started writing a musical! And started working on Faehunter again, a manuscript I set aside about a year ago! And started planning my release schedule! And signed up for Patreon to be ready for launch day!

Yeah, that’s right. There’s goodies involved.

Image result for giving out gifts gif

For $1/month, you get a special credit on both my site and the inter_linked one, and you get access to special “byte_size” mini-stories exclusive to Patrons!

For a measly $5 (which is basically how much it costs to breathe here in the city) you get all of the above AND you get to see the updates a full day early. You get a link that goes with your credit, so advertise whatever you like whether it’s your Twitter, SoundCloud, or just adorable pictures of your dog.

For $10, if you’re a seriously stinkin’ rich or something, you get ALL of the above, as well as a handwritten thank you postcard from yours truly, access to your own super-secret Discord lounge, and long-term Patrons get free goodies like stickers and other small objects that can be shipped without murdering me!

Image result for love letter gif

All of these levels come with their own Discord roles so you can flex how awesome you are in front of all the freeloaders- I mean, lovely readers that I genuinely appreciate very much thank you for joining me on this crazy journey.

So stay tuned, friends, there’s a lot more happening before November 1st!


After a real whirlwind of work and a whole lot of not-looking-at-my-book, I finally have something to write about in this space. Kind of.

Things I Have Done This Past Month-Ish To Avoid Dealing With My Own Self-Imposed Deadlines:

  • Began writing a musical because this is what I do literally every time I see a Broadway show.
    (I just saw Moulin Rouge! and Aaron Tevit is an absolute treasure)
Image result for moulin rouge broadway gif
“Did someone say… REVOLUTION?!”
  • Started a bit of work on a comedy book idea I had about a teenage girl who insists her boyfriend is a vampire and that they’ll live forever together and it’s sooo romantic.
    • He’s a dude named Dave.
Image result for vampire gif
  • Accidentally write two blog posts this week, so you get to hear a whole lot of me!
  • Scrawled some somewhat shameful Game of Thrones fanfiction where I fix Season 8 because if I don’t do it… lots of other people probably would but they aren’t as cool as me.
Image result for jon snow dinner party gif
Real footage of me explaining what I’ve been writing to my family this coming Thanksgiving

Yesterday I picked up the quill and started editing, even if just a little and started prepping some chapters for beta readers.

I also put together a Discord server for discussions and shenanigans!

We’ve got about two months until November 1st, so stay tuned for more updates and cool stuff. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for even more awesomeness.

Want to get in on the action? Leave a comment below, or email me: novemberomalley (at) gmail (dot) com

Go For Launch #4: (WO)MAN ON FIRE

The Good News: I already got some feedback and ideas from a lovely and talented member of my writing group which is appropriately named with a NYC + “Book” pun that isn’t the sordid “Booklyn”.

(image by Hrag Vartanian/Hyperallergic)
To be fair, the “joke” basically writes itself.

The Bad News: My already shall-we-say’interesting’ job has me editing and formatting a 100+ page document that’s a hugely massive deal for the capital-P Project.

Image result for screaming gif

So for the past week, I have barely had time to breathe, think, decide what to have for lunch, or think about my writing and the next week isn’t looking much saner.

Actually, that’s not true, I’ve been thinking a little about the second series now that the first is all the way written out.

This is what I wrote this week:

“You- you really brought a gun on our date?” he squeaked.
She nodded, “Yes, now hush, or you’ll give away our position.”

dun-Dunn-DUNNN! What does it mean? Stay tuned!

The Good News (but for you this time): At the end of the month, I’m opening up a Discord Server for my beta readers – there’s still time to sign up!

Read the story early, have a say in the story, maybe free stuff if I ever get rich and famous at the same time!

Interested? Leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail at November O’Malley (at) gmail (dot) com!

Word Count: Whatever it was last time I had a moment to write
Work/Life Balance: Teetery AF
Sanity Level: My World’s On Fire, How ‘Bout Yours


Where did this week go?

Robert Downey Jr Shrug GIF by Spider-Man
Common answers include “fell down a wormhole”, “lost in the Twilight Zone, and “the entire plot of The Cursed Child happened”

I feel like I fell asleep at my keyboard (again) in the wee hours of Sunday morning, satisfied that I had somehow slogged through another chapter of editing with the promise of energy drinks and dread to meet me in the morning only to awake in the depths of a Thursday I desperately wished was a Friday.

Image result for wake up gif

I don’t remember the last time I looked at inter_linked, only that it was definitely yesterday and also a week ago.

So there isn’t much to talk about this week.

I worked a little on my marketing plan, but I took a mini-vacation from the book.

You know, whether I wanted to or not.


I am on the hunt for the best, most talented, most won’t-kill-me-in-my-sleep-and-pass-off-my-novel-as-their-own BETA READERS to be a part of the most amazing team of reviewers.

Please comment below or send an e-mail to novemberomalley (at) gmail (dot) com if you’re interested!

Word Count: 49,463 (this went down in editing, but my hope is that I get to 50k again!)
Number of Times I’ve Shouted “ROBOTS ARE PEOPLE TOO” At Someone This Week: 12+
Meh’ Level: I guess I should write something…probably/10

Go For Launch #2: PREFLIGHT

Hello, friends! It’s week 2, and after staying up to a regrettable hour, I’ve compiled all of the chapters of inter_linked into one Google Doc to get a good look at what’s left to be done.

The things that need to be replaced, the names that need to be changed, the descriptions that need fluffing up, and the metaphors that I accidentally used in virtually every chapter when I had them Scrivenered into separate documents.

Image result for scrivener
(Hush, it’s a verb)

I also spotted the last missing piece, one scene I have left to write before the plot is typed out and finished in its entirety.
Now just to edit.

Image result for gulp gif

Word Count (as of Wednesday): 52,228
New Projects I Tried To Start This Week Despite Not Technically Finishing This One: 3 (if you count new planner planning – yay August!)
Panic Level: How am I actually going to get all this done/10

inter_linked: Official Announcement!

Hello, writing friends!

I am so happy to share that I can officially announce my upcoming novel inter_linked, a serialized novel about space, robots, sarcasm, and maybe some friendship between.

As an Agent of the company Synthetic Minds Management – or “SYMM” – Angel “Anny” Lockley is expected to treat androids with psychological irregularities with a hotfix called the PAX that erases all negative emotional data from their minds.

When refusing to do so nearly costs her the job, she’s given a choice: she can fill out her termination paperwork or be partnered with the meanest, most sarcastic robot in the system to save her career.
Despite loathing each other, they both agree to treat robots in need with care and compassion, instead of cruel memory wipes.

They might just save every android they can, if they don’t kill each other first.

The novel will be released in short updates twice a week starting Friday, November 1st on both Wattpad and its own website.

Stay tuned for weekly updates as I get ready to launch, freebies, giveaways, and more!

Last Friday, I first announced the title – be sure to vote in the poll for the book cover!