UPADTE: See Ya Later!

Hello, friends!

I know you haven’t heard from me in a long time… after another long break. I’m honestly not sure who’s still around, but hey! I appreciate it.

First update: You are now admiring my blue hair

It kinda looks black here, but under the right lighting I look like an anime character and it’s great.

Second update: I am really taking a big long break this time. A really, really long, possibly-forever break from blogging.

I’ve had a lot of fun blogging and sharing my ideas and lists and random thoughts with you guys, but it just isn’t something I’m enjoying any more. Not only that, but being November O’Malley just stopped being fun. This name is tied to a few leaps-and-falls, failures I’m grateful to have and to have learned from. Since I first started this blog in 2017, I have learned so much about not only myself but all of you! I’ve learned how to write articles, create compelling reviews, and how to pick myself back up again even when the chips are down.

I will never forget these lessons and I will take them with me on my new journey.

What is this new journey you may ask?

I am trying a new kind of writing – playwrighting!

I’m about halfway done with my very first draft, a musical about one of my favorite musicians of all time and how he navigates the overwhelming world of the 1970s London folk music scene – to tragic results.

Theatre to me has always been a special kind of magic, the near-miraculous ability to suspend disbelief, tug at heartstrings, and bring stories to life with little more than a few costumes and some music.

I am so excited to share this new step forward with you all, to sort of rise from the ashes of a few forgotten novellas to make something magic.

So here I am. Something new.

I am

Alanna O'Malley

And this isn’t “goodbye”. This is “catch you on the flip side” (which is what I say only when I want to achieve peak cringe so treasure this.)