inter_linked: Characters

inter_linked is full of interesting and unique characters who fill their world with their individual personalities.

Here are some of the main characters in the story:

Anny Lockley

Possibly the worst agent working for SYMM, Synthetic Minds Management, Anny refuses to PAX androids and wipe the negative emotions from their minds. Unfortunately, this has gotten her into trouble with her managers and they gave her one last chance – but she has to work with the bitter and sarcastic robot WISR.

Growing up on a space station wasn’t easy, space was tight and the food was awful which is why her mom left to seek adventure on a faraway moon. With her father busy as Grand Captain of the station and only a few children onboard, she spent a lot of time with the robots instead.


Bitter and sarcastic, WISR was forced to work with Anny – as an android he has no choice and no rights. Understandably, this has left him more than a little displeased and he is constantly butting heads with her when on the job.

While he belongs to Nikolai Wise legally, Nik was not his original owner but it’s not hard to see that they are practically a matched set of sardonic derision.

Nikolae Wise

A Roboticist at SYMM, Nik is cold and blunt – especially to Anny and WISR. Rumor has that the organization was forced to give him the biggest lab space at Headquarters due to his unusual experiments although it’s unknown if that’s true. What is true that no one is sure the last time he actually left the lab and someone was sure they saw a sleeping bag under one of the benches.

Jalissa Jermain

Sweet and bubbly but perhaps a little ditzy, Jalissa is an agent of SYMM and one of Anny’s colleagues – and friend. While she may seem like a bit of an airhead at first, she is also a master hacker who knows computer systems inside and out.

Mirae Culpepper

An agent of SYMM, Mirae is practical and logical and is something of a “mom friend”. She is one of the top agents thanks to her calm and rational personality.

Endon Carroway

Laid back and easygoing, Endon is an agent of SYMM and a knife nut, always practicing new spinning tricks and flips. He’s very proud of his speeder spaceship which can turn into a car.

Ready to meet this cast of crazy characters?

inter_linked The Series is the fun, sarcastic story of a girl and her android.

Follow the adventures of Anny and WISR as they try to help every robot they can, while the hardest part of the journey is putting up with each other.

Absolutely free to read:

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