[Self-Care Month] Sipping the Tea

For the final week of Self-Care Month, I’ve reached out to some of your fellow writers in the community to talk about what tea – and other drinks – we enjoy when writing!



Passion fruit iced tea on hot days, or a decaf English breakfast latte in cold ones.

Serdar Yegulalp

@genjipress / GenjiPress.com


Elizabeth Mays


My go to is green tea, but I also have a tea from Teavana called passion tango that I like.


@MorganBallantin/The Chaos Beast

Orange pekoe. I’ll fall back on English breakfast if necessary.

Rylann Watts

@RylannWatts1 / RylannWatts.com

Almond cinnamon dolce latte.


Peppermint or Earl Grey

Luna Ann Koenig


Bam! My fave.

Luci Jewett


Chai with whipped cream!

C. Comrack


Jasmine tea. All day. I drink one cup of coffee with my treat when I sit to write.

Mindy A. Early

@mindyaearly / MindyAEarly.com

Tazo Ginger Green tea!

Natasha Watts

@NatashaWattsUp / NatashaWatts.net

I’m boring. Straight up green tea!

Hiiro Langley


Whatever kind of generic tea this is:

Aedyn Brooks


Harney & Sons – London Fog is my new favorite.

Nicole Scarano


I drink a lot of different stuff when I’m writing, but as far as tea I love David’s Tea. Their loose leaf tea is so good and they have crazy flavors (like tea with real fruit, popcorn, Chocolate, yogurt, or candies in them as well as the standard versions of tea)

Marissa Staib


My favorite drink to have when writing is water, because I can sip it regularly without having to think about how much I’ve been drinking.

Jennie Ritz

@jennieritz / JennieRitz.com

I’m lame over here. Just black coffee for me.

As for me…

Image result for whiskey bottle
(or maybe some nice Earl Grey iced with soymilk, don’t @ me, MOM)

I got over 100 responses so read some more here:

What do you like to drink when you write? Do you have a favorite kind of tea?

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