[Self-Care Month] Unique Positive Affirmations For Your Writing Life

The month of May is devoted to Self-Care for Writers! Last week, we talked about the joy of bad books, but this week we have something less usual.

In this day and age, we’ve all seen positive affirmations of some kind. They’re plastered all over Pinterest and Instagram, we see them posted daily on Timelines and Feeds, and I’m willing to bet at least one of you reading has one taped on your wall.

But there are only so many times you can hear “she thought she could so she did” over and over again before it kind of loses its meaning.

So friends, I present to you Unusual Positive Affirmations For Your Writing Life, some odd compliments and unique go-get-’ems to fuel your writing fire that you have undoubtedly never heard before!

Share them, link them, print them, make a tacky wallpaper out of them – do whatever makes you happy and whatever gets you back in the game!

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