!FREE WORKSHEET! The Ultimate Query Checklist

Querying is daunting, draining, exhausting, and a bunch of other scary words.

Don’t run, they can smell fear.

It’s probably the scariest part of a writer’s life.

One wrong move, one misplaced comma, forgotten semicolon, or breaking of a “brown M&M rule” and you’re done. Boom. Kaput. Into the slush puddle with ye.

So after reading a multitude of how-to books, swimming in shark infested waters, and a brief stint as a query letter reader and pretending I was a sassy judge , I made a list.

No, not a list. THE list.

The Ultimate Query Checklist!

Before you send off your perfectly polished letter, go down the list and make sure everything is checked off. Then send it to a friend, beta reader, or relevant Subreddit. Rewrite. Go through the list again.

Because checking things off a Fancy Checklist is oh-so-satisfying.

Click the image below to go to my Drive, where you’ll find this and many other fantastic worksheets for FREE download!

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