[Writers on the Storm #2]

Writers on the Storm
Question #2

What has influenced your writing the most – that isn’t a book?

Is there a movie that changed your life? A series that you could binge endlessly? A concept album you blast just all the time?

Here’s what the Stormwriters had to say:

Luna Ann Koenig,Author of Star Stolen
A recent find that has affected my craft is the series Jane the Virgin. It’s an English adaptation of a telanovela and it’s brilliant. It’s a little bit over the top but it has definitely made me think about growth through breaking out of my comfort zone. Plus, Jane’s a writer.

P.J. MacLayne, Author of Wolves’ Gambit
Politics have influenced my writing, especially women’s rights. Having grown up in an era when ‘girls’ were not given the opportunities they are today, I’m grateful for what other women have done to help all of us. I try to work in reminders of that into my stories.

Elizabeth Mays, Poet, Host of #JustAddTea
The movie Gattaca. I love how swimming is interwoven symbolically through the story, and the music moves the story in such a subtle yet beautiful way. When I write, I want my words to sing across the page the same way, and to have symbolism sprinkled throughout.

Benjamin Pegg, Author of
The Collective
I like to listen to Imagine Dragons while writing, especially the album “Night Vision”. The imagery they use in the song, especially ‘It’s Time, and in the music video have influenced the gritty, but hopeful ideals in the world I am building.

Adam Haynes, Author of
Patriots: The Overlord
The lore of the video game Destiny and the art of Ismail Inceoglu. Both give me a strange sense of wonder and exploration in a new world.

JM Sullivan, Author of Second Star (Book 1 of the Neverland Transmissions series)
I am inspired by many things, but mostly things that I love! Movie characters, places I’ve visited, and friends I’ve made are all fair game for inspiration to my work. Writing is such a personal thing, to me it makes sense that mine incorporates all the things I love most.

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