[Writers on the Storm #1]


Writers on the Storm
Question #1

What is the exact opposite of your current project?

Is Deadpool the opposite of Teletubbies?
Is Blues Clues the opposite of Game of Thrones?
Is a romantic comedy with Gerard Butler pretending to be American in it the opposite of The Handmaid’s Tale?

Here’s what my writers had to say:

Luna Ann Koenig, Author of Star Stolen
A book that is opposite mine (but is wonderful) is Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows. Bardugo’s main characters choose to be criminals and choose a life of excitement and adventure. In Star Stolen, the characters have adventure thrust upon them and are rebels in a revolution. Same coin, two sides.

Elizabeth Mays, Poet, Host of #JustAddTea
The genre most opposite to what I write is the Spaghetti Western, where one man comes in and uses cunning and trickery to defeat a bigger, “badder” group of bad guys. By the end, balance is restored, but even the hero isn’t a niceguy, and there’s no romance!

Benjamin Pegg, Author of The Collective
The diametrical opposite of my current WIP is probably Star Trek. My story is set in a militaristic regime with a strict grip on society and a focus on survival. Additionally, it is confined to a single city and technology has not advanced significantly.

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