This is Serious Stuff: A (Possibly Pretentious) Study in Magnetic Poetry

Ages upon ages ago, my mom and my brother went to Baltimore and while he got tickets to some stupid baseball game, I got EDGAR ALLAN POETRY.


I actually have no problem with baseball, but this is cool, okay?

And finally, after a stressful move and a few train transfers , I finally have a fridge I’m proud of sticking ’em on!

So like any good nerd, I immediately sorted them into parts of speech. But some words could be a couple of different things and some were only sometimes used in that way and also I kinda forgot about prepositions for a full ten minutes.

It quickly became an amorphous blob of 19th-century-ness on the kitchen counter.


My one rule for this is that I could only use every word (or word bit) the once. So things got less comprehensible as time went on.

First, up I did the sensible thing and tried to do as much of “Don’t Stop Believin” as I could which was one line.


It’s a lot more sinister out of context, come to think…

I write one about Twinefold, where if it wasn’t full of fun-loving-slash-murderous faeries and pretty, pretty Deaglan, it’d be terrifying and depressing probably.


This is another weird Faehunter one but spoilers. And I got the ‘Nevermore’ in there clutch.


This one’s for the character of my new sci-fi project and has probably the last clever thing I’ve got with the mourning/morning play on words. Savor this, friends. It gets only worse from here. Also, got the “quoth” in there. Respect.


of, resembling, or relating to twilight.
I learned a new word today! Clearly this is a learning experience for us all and not something you’d find in the back of a highschooler’s notebook.


This one is supposed to be about Hopper and the Tuann from In the House of Souls but also yeesh to the max, man.


So they threw an “Amontillado” in there because it’s the Notorious E.A.P. so of course there is. So I “wrote” about death and partying and stuff? They loved that kinda thing in the Victorian times and there was a Disney movie about it so this poem must be deep and cool.


I was running dangerously low on words here so I tried to make it rhythmic and cool and hoped no one would notice.


Odin? I guess?


Ooga ooga death comes for us all but love will save us.


For best results, toss your word salad before serving then apply your meaning-dressing.


And alas, the sad little orphans. Would you donate $100 a day to Save the Suffixes to change a life?


(you now inexplicably hear sad piano music in the distance)

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