Hello friends! The holidays have been crazy pants for just about everyone so I am extending the deadline to join my all new super special awesome writers roundup Writers On the Storm!

These crazy pants specifically. Festive but distressed!

Send an email to novemberomalley@gmail.com by Friday, January 11th with the following info and get on the list:

  • Preferred Name
  • Most recent/featured work
  • A headshot photograph (not an illustration)
  • A link to your website

You will get an email on Wednesday, January 16th with a question, you will have a week to answer in 50 words or less! On January 30th, a huge compilation post with everyone’s answers goes live! Be sure to share and retweet so everyone can see your amazing ideas!

Why should you join in the first place? Here are some great reasons:

4. It’s perfect for inspiration

Questions for Writers On the Storm are more than just “what’s your favorite book?” or “who’s your favorite author?” These questions will make you think! And that’s great for productivity and creativity and lots of other-tivity’s.

3. It gets your name out there

If everyone on the compilation post shares even just the once, there are thousands of people out there who will see all your epic answers, getting you and your work a whole lot of attention!

2. It’s easy peasy

Writing 50 words? Writers like that eat it for breakfast! For half an hour or less of work, you get a lot out of it. What other guest post is this simple?

1. It’s great for networking

Follow your fellow Stormwriters, make friends, kick booty, take names, overthrow small nations!

So what are you waiting for? E-mail me, novemberomalley@gmail.com, by January 11th to get in on this amazing opportunity!

See you soon!