!!ANNOUNCEMENT!! 2019 Writer’s Roundup: “Writers On the Storm”

Hello my writing ladies, gents, and folks who dismiss gender as a vestigial social construct!

I have an exciting new announcement:

I am starting a new Writer’s Roundup group and will be posting our collective answers here!

What It Is

On the first Friday of the month, I will e-mail folks on the list a super cool question about their inspiration, writing process, or progress on their upcoming projects.

On the last Wednesday of the month, all the answers will be posted here on the November O’Malley blog!

How to Sign Up

E-Mail novemberomalley@gmail.com beforeĀ January 1st with the following:

  • Preferred Name
  • Most recent/featured work
  • A headshot photograph (not an illustration)
  • A link to your website

Basic Ground Rules

  • Every answer should be 50 words or less. Less is more!
  • Answers must be submitted before or on the last Monday of the month to be featured
  • Keep it clean and relatively family friendly! I’m looking for PG here.

E-Mail novemberomalley@gmail.com
before January 1st to join this amazing group!

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