Writer Roundup: Fantastical Fantasy (and Sci-Fi)

Writing Fantasy and Sci-Fi like making magic, and not just because you can translate abstract concepts of thought into a handful of symbols and have someone else explicitly understand them.

It also gives the writers to rewrite reality. Imagining a world where the Rebels won the American Civil War? Easy! Creating a universe where rainbow-striped unicorns prance in fields of sour candy grass with Multi-Best-Actor-Winner Leonardo DiCaprio riding on their backs? Well. As long as readers believe it, it’s real.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi can make some huge breaks with what we consider “real” like…

Don’t Blink…
(this one is the most terrifying, gonna be honest)

And of course, there’s an entry from my own crazy new work-in-progress:

Thank you so much to my friends from Reddit and Twitter for their contributions! 

What is the most fantastical, crazy, fun, zany, unreal thing in your current work? Share in the comments below!