COUNTDOWN: “In the House of Souls” Playlist


Do I even need to say it at this point? I love playlists. They’re so much fun to create and arrange and it means I can give each and every one of my beloved writers a mix tape without frantically recording¬†that one song the second the radio DJ stops talking over the intro.

black cassette tape

Can you imagine the postage on these things?

Even though Dunsmere and the Tuann are a whole world apart from the people of the North, they still share a lot of the same organic, guitar-and-sometimes-banjo driven music. This includes the stripped-down acoustic cover of “Fireflies” by Hearts and Colors and “Nothing Stays the Same” by Luke Sital-Singh. This is rounded out with a heavier Irish influence, with the classic Celtic Woman track “The Voice” and the stomping, fiddlin’ “Gold Rush”.

There may even be a few hints to the story in a couple of songs, so listen closely!

PLEASE NOTE: I don’t know if I have any younger readers out here listening, but a few songs have some big ol’ swearsies in ’em. So don’t repeat them.

Can’t get enough?

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