COUNTDOWN: 10 Reasons to Read “In the House of Souls: a Faehunter Novella”


My upcoming novella, In the House of Souls is really cool and I mean really cool. But it’s more than just that. Here are some reasons why you should be reading:

10. It’s a good weekend read


It’s the perfect short book to read in between maxing and relaxing and chilling all cool or fill a lazy Sunday.

9. The characters break all the rules

vil-son-35490-unsplash (2)

Hopper may not like wearing dresses, but Emer, the tiny male doll certainly does! The best part is that no one seems to comment on it, they just let them do their thing.

8. “And I was like – it was only 99 cents!”


That’s right. It’s a dollar. For the same amount as getting a double-pump of vanilla in your venti skinny soy latte, a pack of gum, or four rounds of a classic video game everyone is bad at, you can get an epic book to read!

9. It’s magical


I don’t just mean “it’s so cool it’s like magic”, I mean that In the House of Souls is a fully-fledged fantasy world with a unique magic system unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

6. Supporting indie authors is awesome


The best part about buying from an independent, no-name, self-published author? You know all your money goes directly to them. Store-bought books from traditional publishers give their authors as little as 15% of the sale, but getting In the House of Souls means you are certainly funding my chai tea habit.

5. What a wonderful world


If you’re looking for a well-realized, one-of-a-kind world where faeries live in harmony with mortals or a  new universe stuffed with political intrigue and magic, then plant it right here. You’ve found it.

4. It’s great for all ages


While Hopper might be young, this book isn’t strictly “Young Adult”. In movie terms, I’d place it at PG-13, a great middle-of-the-road, great-for-almost-everyone (over the age of 12 or so) read.

3. It’s perfect for commutes


If you have a long train ride, a bus commute that goes on forever, or a carpool with people you’d rather not make small-talk with, this book is perfect for making time go by faster.

2. There’s more where that came from


In the House of Souls is set in the magical same world as Faehunter where dangerous faeries roam. So if you liked this book, there is much, much more on the way!

1. Because you’ll have my eternal gratitude!


Get all this and more when you read!

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