In the House of Souls: Characters

In the House of Souls features a cast of fun and diverse characters including a talking doll, a faery noblelady, and living brass contraptions.



Fourteen-year-old Hopper didn’t grow up with many friends so she learned how to make them out of metal and springs and magical soul-stones that brought them to life.

She dreams of becoming the first mortal Royal Artificer in the faery Court of Firelights and is eager to prove herself. She takes a Vow – an unbreakable promise – to the Lady Gradum in exchange for a Favor she plans to use to make her dreams a reality.

But now she must choose between the traditions of her people and her loyalty to her patroness.

Lady Gradum


A minor faery noblewoman sometimes known to her subjects as simply “the Lady”, Gradum is cunning, ruthless, cutting, and wise. She has plans to change the ways of the Tuann to make them more settled down and like the people of the North.



A doll come to life, Hopper buys him at the caravanners’ market not knowing he was secretly a living creature.

Friendly, playful, and curious, Emer seems to hide a number of secrets, however, and will do just about anything to keep them that way.

Mender, Pin, and Tumbler


Magical machines made with complex personality spells called “soul stones”, Mender, Pin, and Tumbler were created by Hopper to help her out. Pin and Tumbler work together to pick locks and only like to be awake at night while Mender helps her get dressed and fixes up her clothing.

Aunt Weaver


Hopper’s beloved aunt, Weaver is in charge of the Clan’s clothing and textiles and tapestries.

She is also well-known for disliking the fae’s meddling into Tuann affairs and doesn’t much care who knows.

Canneral and Cannersai Dannoch



Hopper’s mother and father, they are the heads of Clan Dannoch.

The Canneral, her father, is known for being stern but fair and encourages Hopper’s plans so long as she doesn’t end up in trouble. The Cannersai, her mother, wishes her daughter would give up on these lofty goals and get her heads out of the clouds.

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