In the House of Souls: Characters

In the House of Souls features a cast of fun and diverse characters including a talking doll, a faery noblelady, and living brass contraptions.



Fourteen-year-old Hopper didn’t grow up with many friends so she learned how to make them out of metal and springs and magical soul-stones that brought them to life.

She dreams of becoming the first mortal Royal Artificer in the faery Court of Firelights and is eager to prove herself. She takes a Vow – an unbreakable promise – to the Lady Gradum in exchange for a Favor she plans to use to make her dreams a reality.

But now she must choose between the traditions of her people and her loyalty to her patroness.

Lady Gradum


A minor faery noblewoman sometimes known to her subjects as simply “the Lady”, Gradum is cunning, ruthless, cutting, and wise. She has plans to change the ways of the Tuann to make them more settled down and like the people of the North.



A doll come to life, Hopper buys him at the caravanners’ market not knowing he was secretly a living creature.

Friendly, playful, and curious, Emer seems to hide a number of secrets, however, and will do just about anything to keep them that way.

Mender, Pin, and Tumbler


Magical machines made with complex personality spells called “soul stones”, Mender, Pin, and Tumbler were created by Hopper to help her out. Pin and Tumbler work together to pick locks and only like to be awake at night while Mender helps her get dressed and fixes up her clothing.

Aunt Weaver


Hopper’s beloved aunt, Weaver is in charge of the Clan’s clothing and textiles and tapestries.

She is also well-known for disliking the fae’s meddling into Tuann affairs and doesn’t much care who knows.

Canneral and Cannersai Dannoch



Hopper’s mother and father, they are the heads of Clan Dannoch.

The Canneral, her father, is known for being stern but fair and encourages Hopper’s plans so long as she doesn’t end up in trouble. The Cannersai, her mother, wishes her daughter would give up on these lofty goals and get her heads out of the clouds.

“In the House of Souls” cover reveal and “Faehunter” cover update


Hello, everyone! I am so excited to reveal the cover for the upcoming novella In the House of Souls!

It once again features the beautiful creations of Camias Jewelry Designs!


The Faehunter cover also got an update, fixing some typography and colors while resizing it for better proportions.

What do you think of the new covers?
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Soundtracks to Write Sci-Fi To

image courtesy of Bejeweled 2

Science-Fiction may not be what I’m writing professionally at the moment, but it’s one of my very favorite genres of reading, writing, and movies.

After putting together my list of favorite fantasy soundtracks, a good friend of mine mentioned how hard it is to find science-y songs that aren’t too operatic and pack a good, action-y punch.

So while resisting the urge to throw in some more Skyrim (it’s set on a different planet! They have two moons! One of the games is on a space station!) I came up with these:

Megaman ZX

“Black Burn” and “Green Grass Gradation”

Oft-forgotten entries in the Megaman video game series, ZX and ZX Advent definitely deserve more spotlight for their music alone.
“Area O – Black Burn” is dark and intense with a hard-hitting beat while “Area A – Green Grass Gradation” is a bright and cheery bit of electronica that still somehow gives an organic feel.

Daft Punk

“Derezzed” and “End of Line” from the TRON: Legacy soundtrack

Can you ever go wrong with Daft Punk? This French duo put together an awe-inspiring score for this sequel to a sci-fi classic that almost outshone the mind-blowing visuals.
“End of Line” is a brilliant mixture of the good old-fashioned synthesizer and classic video game sound effects while “Derezzed” was given a wicked music video with laser robot horse jousting. What more could you want out of life?

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe


Mario Kart is known for having some of the best atmospheric music in video games, from dark and foreboding lava castles and haunted houses to bouncy mushroom farms, busy highways, and of course, neon electric anti-gravity superdomes.
“Electrodrome” is an upbeat and enthusiastic track that will put you in the perfect mood to launch blue shells at friends and enemies.

Cyberpunk 2077


When the one song of the only release trailer is already a mega-hit, you know an upcoming game is going to be epic.
Cyberpunk 2077 was announced in this year’s E3 conference with the track “Hyper”, full of intense, thumping synth beats that bring you back to the days of Vangelis and Depeche Mode.


“We All Become”

Music from Supergiant Games has already been mentioned in a previous post and for good reason – Darren Korb always puts together amazing tracks that support deep and beautiful worlds.
Transistor is their second game which blends vintage art nouveau and glossy futures. While the instrumental version is featured here for less distracting play, Ashley Barrett once again lends her soaring voice to the version featured prominently in the trailer and can be found here.

Jet Set Radio Future

“Concept of Love” and “Shape Da Future”


Another forgotten franchise, Jet Set Radio and its sequel Jet Set Radio Future are set in a world of totalitarian governments, pirate radio stations, and rebel roller-skaters where magic vinyl records can summon demons.
The soundtrack of Future is most notable in its original trip-hoppy electric beats and vocal collages the likes of which Tony Hawk could only dream. It also features a personal favorite, the goofy “Aisle 10”, a vocal song about falling in love with a grocery store clerk.

Bejeweled 2

“Silent Conquest”

Released in 2004, this oldie-but-goodie of an addicting video game featured epic visuals that became computer wallpaper mainstays for a decade and and an even more epic soundtrack.
While the entire score is worth listening to – award-winning composer Peter Hajba never disappoints – “Silent Conquest” is the crown jewel of the list, so to speak. Action-packed beats and melodic turns motivate and inspire in this track.

You can listen to the whole playlist here:

What are your favorite sci-fi soundtracks? Any I missed?
Let me know in the comments!

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