The Characters of Faehunter: Character Playlists

Please note that I am not associated with Spotify in any way, nor the bands mentioned. I was not paid to feature this music, I was not asked to include any songs, they’re just things I liked.

Music can be a powerful tool when it comes to writing, it can instantly whisk you away to a different time, different place, and completely transform your mood.

For my characters in Faehunter, I’ve composed playlists of 10 songs each that really convey their mood and personality. Perhaps when they finally invent the first generation iPod Shuffles in Twinefold (anyone else remember those things?) this is what they would listen to.


Action-packed and pumping hard rock with crunchy guitar notes and relentless rhythm dominate Mara’s playlist.

Pop-punk, riot grrrl, and even electric synth-driven songs make up this playlist composed mostly of female-lead music.


Deaglan’s music is dark and driven, full of late 90s and early 00s alt-rock, songs about pain and mistakes, and moving forward.

“The Moments In Between” by The Reign of Kindo in particular stands out as Deaglan’s aesthetic of organic and electric, anger and sorrow.


Frat boy rock like Sum 41 and The Offspring sit between classic Michael Jackson and Foo Fighters to give a playlist ready for a scrap.

Fast beats and memorable guitar licks rip and ride with the sad and slow “Big Empty” by Stone Temple Pilots on top dedicated to his beloved sister whose ‘dizzy head is concious laden’.


More organic sounds, acoustic guitars, and “traditional” instruments make up the bulk of this playlist, rather fitting for a city twined in the trees and overgrown green.

Indie and hipster mainstays fill out the list with dark and sometimes sweet songs, including a personal favorite, “From the Morning” by Nick Drake.

Air and Darkness

Dark and operatic, haunting and dramatic, the playlist of the Court of Air and Darkness is full of powerful belters and orchestral swells.

Songs about trickery and seduction  pull together this rhapsodic playlist.

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