World Book Day 2018

Today is World Book Day, one of the greatest holidays of the year that doesn’t involve socks stuffed full of goodies or roast poultry.

In honor of this most auspicious day, I’d like to share some of my favorite spots to find books in New York City.



(Image courtesy Bluestockings website)

A small, independent bookstore in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Bluestockings is a feminist bookstore with both fiction and nonfiction titles. It is completely volunteer-run, has a cafe with fantastic coffee and tea options, and hosts a number of meetups and groups to discuss politics and the written word.

Greenlight Bookstore


With two locations, one not far from the Atlanttic Terminal/Barclays Center, Greenlight is one of my favorite indie bookstores in the city. It hosts many events with up-and-coming authors, I hope I see lots of my friends there soon!

Books of Wonder


The name barely does it justice, this bookstore near Union Square is a palace of children’s and young adult books, both new and old, and also features a collection of old and rare children’s books as well, most notably first editions of the Wizard of Oz series. Any author for younger audiences must make a pilgrimage here.

Central Library – Brooklyn Public Library

While I wish I could include each and every library in the city, I must narrow it down to my very favorite, the Central Library in the Brooklyn Public Library system. Located in the shadow of the Grand Army Plaza arch, this towering edifice of knowledge and good book smells seems to go on forever, a repository of everything you ever wanted to know. I have found everything here from a songbook about “drinking and cheating women” to books about publishing, Monty Python, art, and of course everything fiction.

The New York Public Library may be gorgeous and have very steadfast lions, but it pales in comparison to the wonder that is the Central Library.


Where do you go to find books? Do you have a favorite bookstore in your hometown, or have visited any of these? Let me know in the comments!


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