A Place for a Princess

Hello! It’s time for another progress post on my Book In a Month/Camp NaNo with Fewer Rules project-in-progress, The Princess Games.

These are a few of the characters I’ve come to know and love so far:

Alex Carole

Alex is completely unlike the other girls in The Princess Games, she dislikes dresses and skirts, listens exclusively to classic rock, and dislikes anything girly.
She joins the reality show to prove everyone – from her older brother to her friends and people back home – that anyone can be a princess, even a tomboyish girl like her. But first, she first must overcome her own animosity to people who aren’t as “unique” as her and discover who she really is beyond a wicked collection of vinyls.

Maylee Andrews

Maylee comes from minor British aristocracy and believes only someone wealthy and upper-crust like her deserves the princess tiara. Her prejudices come crashing down, however, as she makes friends with the other contestants from all over the world and gets a look at people from different walks of life, seeing them as equals for the first time.

Rianne Haight

Rianne hails from Australia and loves horseback riding and spending time out in the sun. She often attends concerts and festivals and travels all around the world with her older cousins to do so. She often gets homesick, however, but always cheers up with a slice of fairy bread.

Daniela Encantador

While she may have originally been named “Miguelángel”, Daniela took her name from a controversial film in her home country of Chile that inspired her to take the leap and change her life.
She hopes to prove both to her intolerant family as well as a nation that doesn’t understand that people like her are real and that gender dysphoria no “phase” or “hobby”.

Images from Unsplash.com


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