Pink Moon on the Rise

The Pink Moon – when not an amusing euphemism – is the full moon in the month of March, this year falling on the 31st. It is also the moon that sets the date for Easter for those who celebrate.

On top of all of that, it is the title of one of my very favorite albums of all time with one of the strangest covers.


Seriously, what is going on here.

Much of Faehunter was written while listening to this quick half-hour length beauty, when it wasn’t epic soundtracks or Spotify’s Stomp and Holler playlist.

One man, one guitar, the occasional piano, and haunting lyrics make “Pink Moon” the real, raw thing. Nick Drake‘s voice carries the kind of vulnerable innocence of a confessional while his complex guitar work is nothing short of a masterpiece.

A popular urban legend (which has been since debunked) states that the famously shy and reclusive musician dropped off the final version tape at the desk of the recording studio without a word and walked away.

Nick Drake once said, “If my music did anything to help anyone, it would be worth it.”

I certainly think it has.

This one’s for you, Nick.

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