The Characters of Faehunter: Character Handwriting

There is a lot you can tell about someone based on their handwriting. Is it a quick scrawl without a care? Is it a well-thought out script? Do they dot hearts or open circles over the i’s?

You can glean as much information about how they write as the what!

Here is what some of the characters of Faehunter write like:




Much like the quick, slapdash writing of the famed bath-bomb-and-more brand, Mara’s handwriting is a bit masculine in nature, written in all caps and slightly uneven.

Her father writes in a similar way, with random capital and lowercase letters thrown in and he never corrected her when she did the same.


“Anke Calligraphic” – Font Grube AH


Shannon writes with careful precision and even height, always perfectly in line, although sometimes he presses down too hard on the pen.

As a young child he didn’t go out often, with the faery Sight he was too frightened of the things he saw. Instead, he would practice writing over and over again to make it perfect.


“Estrya’s Handwriting” – Jellyka Nerevan


Quick and playful, Deaglan’s handwriting is legible but written very fast, like the words aren’t being put down as fast as he’s thinking.

He also holds his pen in an unusual way, between first and middle fingers!


“Southpaw” – Tyler Finck


Finnian’s handwriting is slanted, uneven, and all over the place – he writes quickly and doesn’t care much about this thing you call “legibility”.

It also doesn’t help that he’s left-handed and holds his pen wrong with his finger wrapped all the way around the pen. Most of the time it’s smudged hopelessly so he doesn’t often bother – or get much practice.


“Better Together” – Misti’s Fonts


Looping, swirly, feminine, and cute, Adalee has the habit of dotting her i’s with hearts – but only if she really likes you. (Shannon has only gotten a note with this once, and that’s after he bought her candy.)

She spent a lot of time practicing and developing this handwriting to make it “just right” and get all the loops perfect.

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2 thoughts on “The Characters of Faehunter: Character Handwriting

  1. Ruby Rumsey says:

    This is such a neat idea! I’ve never really thought about how my characters write, but I suppose that Beth’s would be very small and neat and Winnie’s would just be chicken scratches.

    Liked by 1 person

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