New Year, New Notebook

“New year, new me”?

Nah, forget that junk.

Try “new year, new notebook”!


Someone be proud with me about how well I freehanded this logo.

In an effort to take my writing career seriously, I’m starting up a brandy-new composition book dedicated just to work on getting Faehunter from a lowly Google Doc to a fully-fledged book.


I haven’t even really begun querying and already it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever done.


My wonderfully cheap earbuds are there to protect the “innocent”.


Feel free to use this checklist for your own use – although your project may have different needs!

A lot of this info is taken from books I’ve been reading, including:

“Publish Your Book” by Patricia Fry
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Book Proposals & Query Letters”

Feel free to check them out, there’s a lot of good info there, as well as those hugely-big annual anthologies you can find at your local library.

Some notes also come from a Twitter thread by the wonderful and talented Eric Smith (I just happened to be working on my Querying page(s) when the thread popped up in my Stream.)

And before anyone gets the wrong idea that I have this perfect sans-serif handwriting, allow me to debunk.

If it looks like how a fifth grader would write while flipping off her handwriting teacher, well… That’s pretty much what I did but with fewer calls home.

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