The World of Faehunter: Twinefold




Twinefold is a city that isn’t simply tucked away into the forest, it grows and twines around the trees, it is a part of the forest.




The city is plagued by what many call “The Great Curse” or “The Jinx”. Doing anything that may displease the fae, from using or carrying iron, operating factories that pollute the air or even doing so much as picking a flower often has tragic consequences. Men have gone mad, women have turned murderous, and children have been carried off if the faeries think they have anything to do with such a transgression.


Where the Maps Don’t Help

Streets, buildings, and other infrastructure within the past century or so has to be built around the trees due to The Great Curse. Buildings tend to be very tall and narrow to accommodate tight spaces, and the streets are winding and twisting, and often forming rotaries and roundabouts around larger trees. It’s said that anyone caught cutting down a tree will be driven mad by the fae, although this wasn’t always so.

The Boulevards are the only straight roads in the city. Some one hundred years prior to the setting of Faehunter, a woman named “Tressa the Tree-Killer” is said to have personally cut down over a thousand trees before driven to madness and death by the fae. Her work paved the way – quite literally – for the three major Boulevards: Norwood, Branch, and Morningside.

Distinct Districts

The three Boulevards form the border between the three major Districts of Twinefold: Benwick, Greenleah, and Oakton.

Much of Faehunter takes place in Benwick, it’s where the Wayworn Inn where Mara and Adalee live and Shannon’s shop – “Enchanting Magical Needs and Spell-Gems” – are.

Where We Call Home

Benwick divided into six Neighborhoods: Birch Hills, Endralaine, Clannshaven (a neighborhood where former Rovers of the south gather), Forest Grove, Benwick Beach, and Nor-Low (named for its bordering streets, Norwood Blvd. and Wilow St.)

Shannon’s shop and the Wayworn Inn are in the Nor-Low neighborhood which is known for being a popular spot for travelers.

Park it Right There

In the heart of the city is a large clearing sacred to the fae, nobody is permitted to build or develop this valuable, empty land.

When some intrepid builders attempted to make use of this space, they found the land had already been bought by one of the city’s wealthiest families, the Langley’s, who declared the area belonged to the fae in perpetuity. Thus, it has since been called Langley Park.

Twinefold is a city unlike any other. While they may have their problems with the fae, it’s a part of what makes the city unique. One wonders, however, how long this uneasy peace can last…


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