The World of Faehunter: The Court of Air and Darkness

The mysteries of the night belong to the Court of Air and Darkness, fae (faeries) who live for ruthless political intrigue, secrets, and lies.

Their Court lands are the Cradlelands and their main seat of power is in the city of Twinefold.

Black Pawn crowned - chess

Gods Save the Queen!

The Queen of Air and Darkness is generally chosen by some show of force – a coup d’etat, assassination, or on rare occasion a duel or trial by combat.

When she is crowned, she gives up her name and simply becomes “The Queen”. Her previous name isn’t exactly a secret, but it isn’t spoken or used either.

The current Queen of Air and Darkness came into power almost one thousand years ago and while many have challenged her rule, none have succeeded.

Phases of the moon as it is eclipsed

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Under every quarter-moon (both halves and every New and Full Moon), roughly once a week, the Court holds a Gathering. They discuss recent happenings, political news, and mortal movements, as well as new orders from the Queen and the successes or failures carrying out previous orders. The Queen makes announcements and all listen.

Fear My Rath

The seat of the Court’s power and where all Gatherings are held is the Rath, a circle of white stones set into a small hillside.

Towards the back, against the hill is a half-circle of white stone carved with flowers and plants and vines so realistic they seem to be alive.

On this dais is the Queen’s throne, a rough-hewn chair made of stone.

The vaulted ceiling of a very dark cathedral

Royal Palace

Set into the hill is a door of white stone, with carvings similar to the dais.

Inside is the Queen’s palace, which seems much bigger than the small hill can hold.

Within are dining halls, libraries, services like laundry and tailoring and kitchens, as well as the prisons and torture chambers.

Few mortals have seen the palace and none have left it alive.

All the Lords and Ladies

Other nobles of the court include the twelve Lords (and Ladies) of the Hours, who are appointed – or dismissed, and often violently – by the Queen.

The Court also includes the royal guards, other fae who have made Vows to the Court, and of course, the Solitary fae living in Court lands, should the Tithe be completed.

Photos from Unsplash and MorgueFile

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