Twinefold Begins

The city and setting of Twinefold is a very personal one as it is a culmination, combination, and amalgamation of different parts of my past. Growing up in New England meant being surrounded by trees. Streets became tunnels under the leaves, houses lay hidden behind the thick curtains of green and a multitude of secrets were waiting within the sea of dark trunks.

Who knows what’s waiting just a few steps away from the road?

When creating Twinefold, I also drew from the memories of meandering and twisting roads among the hills and forests. Twinefold also takes a lot from my adventures in New York City. A city built in the wake of World War One’s victories, many parts still breathe life into what the world was like a century ago. Neighborhoods like Gramercy Park – the Wayworn Inn where Mara resides is very much inspired by The Players Club there – or the beauty of Central Park were huge inspirations.

Gramercy townhouses

Gramercy Park is like a time capsule to the early 1900s – a huge inspiration for the setting of Faehunter.

Many subway stations still contain the same beautiful Art nouveaux and Beaux-Arts traditions that were the foundation of the city and lend their image and feel to Twinefold’s setting.

I think Grand Central Station is one of the most beautiful places in the whole world.

Except for the New York Public Library, of course.


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Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and myself (NYPL photo)!


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