A cluster of orange-leaved trees reaching into the sky


There’s something amazing and magical about this time of year, from the crisp bite of Fall-time air to the electric blue of the sky. The trees are live with color and a buzz of excitement hangs in the air.

Orange leaves against the bright blue autumn sky

I love this time of year – and not just because it has my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Halloween! I left my New England town for New York in the peak of Autumn perfection as well. I’ll never forget riding down the long, sloping hills, barreling towards Brooklyn, descending into a rippling ocean of color and hue.

A cluster of orange-leaved trees reaching into the sky

It’s a part of the reason why I set Faehunter right at the height of Fall. It’s easy to imagine Mara and Deaglan and Shannon (if he’s feeling brave) racing down the streets of the city of Twinefold, leaves tumbling down like golden snow, their breaths cloudy in the night chill.

In traditional literature, Autumn is considered a particularly lively time of year, Samhain (pronounced SOW-win) aka Halloween is the Pagan new year and a time when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest. It’s said that our ancestors can send us their strongest messages at this time of year and some believe only in Autumn can they return to visit us.
It’s no wonder many strange happenings occur at this time of year!

A coffee with a spooky ghost drawn in the foam

Even the Pumpkin Spice Lattes get extra spooky!

Autumn is such an important and magical time of year for so many different reasons – I hope you find lots of magic too!


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